Hirado Dutch Trading Post - Information

Opening Hours and Holidays

Opening Hours: 8:30-17:30
Holidays: Every year on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday in the third week of June.

Entrance Fee

Adult 300 yen (270 yen)

Child 200 yen (280yen)

- Between brackets is the price for groups larger than 20 people
- In case of school groups the teacher in charge does not have to pay the entrance fee.
- The entrance fee includes tax
- At presenting your certificate of physical disability, persons with a physical disability and their caretaker pay 100 yen.

Warning to all visitors

- Please do not touch the exhibitions
- Consumption is strictly forbidden in the exhibition halls.
- Please do not run within the exhibition halls
- Please do not use any writing materials such as a fountain pen or ballpoint

Address and contact information

Hirado Dutch Trading Post
859-5102 Nagasaki, Hirado, Ookubo 2477


Hirado Dutch Trading Post
Nagasaki Prefecture, Hirado City, Ookubo, 2477
TEL. 0950-26-0636 FAX. 0950-26-0638 E-mail: shokan1639@matsura.or.jp