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The reconstruction process

The building of the stone walls

The outer walls of the Dutch Trading Post are all made of stone. The sandstone blocks were quarried with a size of 60x30x15cm and weigh approximately 60kg each. About 21,000 blocks were used to build the stone walls. After the stone walls were finished the whole wall was covered with plaster, except the part that has deliberately been left open to show visitors the technique used on the walls.

The Japanese architectural techniques used for the roof

Approximately 25,000 flat and round tiles were used for the building’s roof; the total weight is estimated to be 50 ton. In order to support this weight a lot of wooden material was used in the complicated structure of the roof frame. While it is western style architecture, Japanese techniques were used for the delicate construction of the wooden beams and the tile-roofing. It tells the story of the many carpenters that worked here to build the Trading Post back in the early 1700’s.

The aligned pillars in the centre of the building

The grand pillars aligned on the first and second floor can be considered the foundation of the Trading Post. Each square pillar is about 50 cm wide. The first floor counts 11 pillars, while the second floor counts 10 pillars. It is one of the characteristics often seen in similar buildings in the Netherlands. 700 year old trees were used for the huge wooden pillars.

The arched gate: the work of artisans

The arched entrance of the Trading Post is perfectly balanced, built with 15 precise quarried blocks on both the left and right side. Within the arch a 10cm thick and 120kg weighting wooden door is installed.

Logo of the Trading Post [1639 VOC]

This decorative stone, 45cm in height and 136cm in width, became the symbol of the Hirado Dutch Trading Post. The year 1639 was the year the original warehouse was constructed. The stone was applied to the outer wall of the front of the building. It is the logo which lead to the demolition of the warehouse and the forced move to Nagasaki.

Other construction pictures

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