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Approaching reconstruction

12 Exchange programs

Since 2000, the year which commemorated 400 years of trade between Japan and the Netherlands, Dutch artists have been invited to come to Hirado and have established an exchange program focussing on schools in Hirado. Exchange programs on a local level, such as exposure to Dutch culture, traditions and art have helped promote the restoration of the Hirado Dutch Trading Post.

Exposure to Dutch art

Every year Dutch artists visit Hirado through which the local cultural exchange continues.

Japan-Dutch youth soccer team exchange program

Every year the soccer team of the Dutch city Noordwijkerhout VVSB and students of the Hirado Junior High visit each other and learn about each other’s culture through soccer. It has become one of the occasions in which we can learn more about the relation between Japan and the Netherlands. In addition, in 2011 Noordwijkerhout and Hirado became sister cities and it is expected to be the beginning of many more exchange programs, with the Dutch Trading Post at its centre.

Exchange through sports

In 2009, the anniversary of the Dutch Trading Post in Hirado, the spirit to reconstruct the Trading post soared.

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