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H Material Inspection Corner

In this area you can browse through the materials and documents related to Hirado’s foreign exchange history that were collected up until now. Plenty of material is set up in order to learn more about Hirado and its fascinating history.

I Explanation of the structure of the warehouse

You are introduced to the architectural features and components of the 1639 warehouse of the Dutch VOC.

J Multiple purpose space

A convenient space that may be used for small events and cultural activities. The door at the front of the building offers a superb view of Hirado Harbour.

Museum shop
The museum shop sells merchandise.
Lift for disabled visitors
The museum provides a lift from the ground floor to the first floor.
Parking place
The museums parking place is located on the Hirado Harbour Square.
The museum’s collection
Approximately 200 historical documents may be viewed at no cost.
Hirado Dutch Trading Post
Nagasaki Prefecture, Hirado City, Ookubo, 2477
TEL. 0950-26-0636 FAX. 0950-26-0638 E-mail: shokan1639@matsura.or.jp