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A History of Foreign Exchange

Before trade began between Hirado and the Netherlands Hirado was engaged in trade with Portugal and Spain since 1550. From ancient times Hirado had contact with neighbouring countries China and Korea through trade. Here you can see the start of Hirado’s foreign contacts.

B The Dutch Era of the Great Ships

The Netherlands, master over the 7 seas, played a very important role during the period of the Great Explorations. The Hirado Dutch Trading Post introduces you to the navy voyages of the Netherlands through intense paintings and instruments used on ships.

C The arrival of Dutch ships in Hirado

Here you can see the period from the arrival of the first Dutch ships, starting with “De Liefde” that arrived in Usuki in the Oita prefecture, until the establishment of the Hirado Dutch Trading Post. This is the starting point of the exchanges between Japan and the Netherlands.

D The heydays of the Dutch Trading Post and its downfall

Various products of the Hirado Dutch Trading Post, which the bakufu (the military regime of Japan) saw as a serious threat due to the profit they yielded to the VOC, and the reproduced interior of the warehouse are displayed. Also, you are introduced to the relation between the Hirado Dutch Trading Post, the bakufu and Hirado domain after the Dutch VOC members were called to Edo for an audience with the shogun.

E Reconstruction: the Dutch Trading Post

In this part of the museum you can experience the work of the VOC in a reproduced office of one of the opperhoofden (captains) of the Hirado Dutch Trading Post. When you sit down behind the desk and hold a quill you will feel just like the first captain of the Hirado Dutch Trading Post, Jacques Specx!

F A thorough analysis of the 1639 warehouse

The research results that have led to the reconstruction of the building are open for the public along with details and circumstances of the building’s reconstruction.

G The role of the Dutch Trading Post and later international exchange programs.

We introduce you to the role played by the Dutch Trading Post in Hirado and to some of the objects left behind through a short documentary.

Hirado Dutch Trading Post
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