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  • 1600
    A Dutch ship casts up on the shore of Usuki (Oita Prefecture).
  • 1602
    The Dutch East India Company is established.
  • 1609
    The Dutch Trading Post is established in Hirado after the VOC receives permission to trade from shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu (the Red Seal license).
  • 1612
    One residence and warehouse are built.
  • 1616
    Another warehouse, an orchard and a wharf are built.
  • 1618
    More facilities are built, such as a powder magazine and gatekeeper's lodge.
  • 1621
    Facilities are built in Kawachi.
  • 1628
    The Dutch crew are detained in Hirado and trade is discontinued, better known as the Taiwan Incident.
  • 1632
    Trade resumes.
  • 1637
    A stone warehouse is built. Residences are extended and altered.
  • 1639
    A stone warehouse is built. (The one that has now been reconstructed)
  • 1640
    A warehouse is built in Kawachi.
  • 1640
    Governor-General Inoue Masashige orders the 1939 warehouse to be demolished because of its 1639 year number.
  • 1641
    The remaining buildings are also ordered to be demolished. The trading post is ordered to be moved to Nagasaki, marking the end of Hirado-Dutch trade.
  • 1922
    "The Hirado Dutch Trading Post Site" is recognized as national historic site.
  • 2003
    Completion of the excavations of the 1639 warehouse.
  • 2006
    Start of the reconstruction of the stone walls
  • 2008
    Start of the reconstruction of the 1639 stone warehouse.
  • 2011
    Completion of the reconstruction of the 1639 stone warehouse.

^ Warehouse cornerstone and the 1616 stonewall

^ Illustration of the 1639 warehouse

^ Stonework

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