Hirado Dutch Trading Post

The Hirado Dutch Trading Post

The reconstruction of the 1639 warehouse of the Dutch Trading Post in Hirado is a very important project within the Japanese - Dutch cultural ties that have bound the countries for over 400 years. This multi-billion yen initiative is not only very large in scope but also has deep historical meaning. Originally built in 1639, it is regarded as the first full-fledged western building in Japan. Even in modern times you will be able to feel the grandeur of this building which played its part in the closing of free international trade in Japan.

We hope you share our excitement about this project and will come to see it for yourself now that it has opened!

A video of the reconstruction process:

Hirado Dutch Trading Post
Nagasaki Prefecture, Hirado City, Ookubo, 2477
TEL. 0950-26-0636 FAX. 0950-26-0638 E-mail: shokan1639@matsura.or.jp